I have to admit, I’m a bit of a thinker. Some would say that I’m an ‘ideas man’, others might say a bit flighty, or even that I’m going through a bit of a renaissance, and maybe even a midlife crisis. Maybe I have to agree with them?

In my short 40 something years, I have gone through a few phases, nothing too extreme… I haven’t been a vegan or a vegetarian, I haven’t taken a sabbatical or gone on a pilgrimage to some exotic spiritual place… but I did go through a christian phase which lasted, let’s say around 15 years… Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m completely done with christianity but, I’ve stopped regularly attending church and all the things that go with the ‘church’ life.

Now I don’t want to offend any christians or devalue religion’s place in society as a result of my experience, but I do have some concerns about the modern day religion and its hold on humanity, and how it limits what we as humans could really achieve, if we weren’t so inwardly focused. When you become a christian, you start from a very weak baseline, you are told in many ways that you have sinned (even little kids) and that you have to repent and give your life to Jesus, and all the people who haven’t, now, and throughout history have gone straight to hell!

Now, I’m not declaring here and now that I am an athiest, as I do still believe there is something out there, that is greater than you and I, that does keep the universe and the galaxies beyond, in perfect harmony, but I do want to take a reality check on the whole situation. And after speaking with my friend Adam today, thought I would put it on paper before I lose thought.

I know what I’m about to say may be mocked by scientists, and religious zealots alike, but I think it’s worth putting it out there. So, I’ve been thinking about how the world works, over the last few years and how everything is too convenient. Everything is too perfect. Our amazing planet rotates at the perfect speed around a heat source (the sun) and gives us seasons (except if you live in Melbourne :)) that allow us to grow trees that help us to breath by carbon dioxide being absorbed into trees and giving off oxygen. And we grow and make food that provides energy to our bodies, and we have a food chain that has a natural hierarchy… All this and it happens by accident… or does it??

I have never studied Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution (maybe I will in the future), because in the christian world, to side with or agree with Charles Darwin, is to side with satan himself, and this would make you a non believer and destined for hell. But the more I think about it, the more the theory of evolution is ok. Whilst I do not personally believe that I descended from apes, because if we did, then how are there still apes running around? But if that is what some scientists believe, then fine. The fact that Charles Darwin and every scientist who has ever lived has been curious into who we are, how we got here, the natural world and the worlds beyond, should be considered a good thing, shouldn’t it? Shouldn’t we as humans, with an amazing brain and curiosity be able to explore and challenge our existence? Shouldn’t we have the right to fearlessly be the best we can be? What is wrong with that? I want to say, at least Charles Darwin and other scientists weren’t charging across Europe killing non believers for the sake of their theory, as certain people did in the crusades years ago.

It really upsets me when I see really brilliant people start attending church, and then spiral down a slippery slope of self doubt and inferiority, and never achieve what they want to achieve because they are told that what they are doing is not God’s will… It’s shameful, and it’s not just restricted to christianity, I’m sure.

So with that said, one of the main reasons I wanted to write this post is to share with you a theory I have, which probably goes against the christian theory too, so here goes:

Imagine if, the world as we know it, ruled by an external life force has us all on a time loop. Everyone knows that the world is two thirds under water, and only a third being above the water which is the land we live on. Now we’ve probably almost been to every square corner of the earth above ground, but apart from a few marine scientist who have been exploring beneath the oceans and making new discoveries, one thing is certain, the ocean is still an absolute mystery.

So my theory continues… the world is an organism and allows us (humans and animals) to be here on the planet and carry out what we do. Remember nothing that is on earth can leave earth (except by spaceship) and nothing except heat and the occasional meteor makes its way into the planet from outside, suggesting to me that everything we do on this planet happens in cycles. As we dig up minerals and use them for our own needs, they eventually end up back in the ground under tonnes and tonnes of fill such as landfills or tip sites.

Now, humans and animals also need water to drink and grow food, so there must always be a source of water to ensure that everyone on earth can drink and grow food. As the population increases it is my theory that the Arctic and Antarctica release water into the ocean and atmosphere which inevitably becomes fresh water and part of the weather cycle, providing always just enough to sustain us.  As the population increases so too does the melting of the polar caps until we reach a point of equilibrium, or we have the maximum amount of life on earth that the earth can sustain in food and water.

I think at some point, we as humans do something catastrophic to our planet. Be it, altering the climate too significantly (climate change (underway)), killing ourselves with nuclear weapons or just plainly become extinct as a result of over consumption, having used up the natural resources available to us that bind the planet together and keep us balanced. Regardless of the event, our planet ultimately resets itself and gets rid of all life, except maybe a few, just enough to start us off again. The ‘event’ that ensues results in an overall change to the balance of the planet. A great flood covers the earth (as a result of the complete melting of the polar ice caps) as often spoken about in biblical terms with Noah, or alternatively in pagan history with Gilgamesh – see this link http://www.icr.org/article/noah-flood-gilgamesh/ for a bit of a history lesson.

After the flood, the third of the planet that we currently live on falls beneath the new ocean and a third of the ocean bed rises to form a new land mass above the ocean that ultimately becomes habitable. Thus restoring a 2/3 ocean 1/3 land mass balance. The flood waters subside and due to the reduced heat of the planet and low population the polar ice caps refreeze to form the arctic and antarctic again.

Now imagine if you have the Amazon forest (carbon rich organic matter) and all of a sudden you dump billions of tonnes of water and rock and sediment on top of it and leave it for say 10,000 years (a cycle) it is all compressed, becomes oil that then becomes the next generation fossil fuel. This is evident with coal and oil being found in both oceans and land areas.

Now, while this blog does not go on to explain all of the intricacies of my theory it does set the scene for some discussion and comments – as I said in the beginning, I’m an ideas man, so you come up with the rest! Enjoy!



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