Knowing full well that I will never really compete with the likes of, Epicure magazine or any other foodie type magazine or text, but I thought it is a good place to share some of the good places to eat here in Melbourne and on my travels.

No.1 – Don Dons – 321 Swanston Street Melbourne – Japanese cuisine – fixed menu – Well let me just say, a few years back when I was at Uni in Melbourne (RMIT) a few mates and I (always looking for a cheap feed) stumbled across Don Dons located about 150m from RMIT along Swanston street – let me tell you! My first experience walking into that place was looking at the order sheet they have at the counter and hearing the voice of the people in the very small kitchen yelling at each other about the next order, someone taking the money and giving change. The operation of this place is like clockwork, before I could place my order they had already served and handed over 5 different meals. I placed my order and then before I could get my change into my wallet it was served! Wow, this was going to be a place I would continue going to for many years to come.

Best meal at Don Dons – have to be the Bento box or Chicken Curry… Try it for yourself! prices are between $7 & $8. You wont be disappointed!

No.2 – Second Home, Eltham – 21 Brougham St Eltham

Having recently moved out to Diamond Creek, there is a noticeable shortage of cafes in our area, so I was delighted to meet a friend of mine a few weeks ago at a relatively new cafe in Eltham called Second Home. Being from a construction background and having done a few fitouts in my time, I was very impressed with the fitout of the cafe that is spacious, well lit, not to echoey, warm and tasteful. The staff are extremely friendly and attentive and it seems the owners resource the place well so that you’re not sitting waiting for ever for your meal or coffee. I visited again the other day and sat doing some work and had the cheeseburger which was great, not too big or small – although they could have fed half of Eltham with the serve of fries I received. The coffee is great too both sit in and take away. In fact, I called in there a few mornings ago at 7:15am (shhh) and was not turned away for a take away coffee, which was fantastic. The little things like this keep me coming back! Thanks guys and well done!