As you may or may not be aware, I ruptured my achilles tendon playing tennis in early September. This has required not one but two individual surgeries due to having a fall on the same day I had my cast taken off… Agony!


This has meant that I have had to visit hospital on two separate occasions to have the repair done. Fortunately, I have only really been in hospital a few times, and my visits have been spaced over 26 years and despite the small amount of respite it gives you (from the kids) I would rather take a small holiday to some place with a swim up bar 🙂

I wanted to write this blog to tell you about the experience I have had visiting the Epworth Hospital in Richmond. The Epworth is a private hospital and seems to have the market of private hospitals in Melbourne sewn up with 12 hospitals/centres in Melbourne alone. I think the reason it is so successful is the culture. From the time I have entered the hospital to the time I have left, the level of care has been outstanding. From the level 2 reception entering the hospital to the discharge room when I was ready to be picked up and every one in between really do make for a great experience, despite the unfortunate circumstances.

During my stays on the ward, I have been thoroughly looked after, the manager/s, nurses, orderlies, cleaners and volunteers and students who come around and say hello and have a chat. Even listening to the conversations in the corridors has always been positive and courteous.
I have always said, if you want a good society, you have to care for the sick and ensure people are healthy and looked after. Often I have heard about hospitals that try and get people in and out as quickly as possible to make as much money as possible. But at the Epworth, I have not felt any pressure to be leaving until I felt well enough to. The level of care that I have received has been fantastic and really helped me get through the initial stages of this awful injury being comfortable and with a confidence and a positive attitude.

Also a big thanks to Ben and Jared who came to visit yesterday helping the time to pass with some great conversation and a game of Scrabble!


Thank you to everyone that makes the Epworth Hospital – Richmond, what it is today!

Here was my view this morning:


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