The worst thing about an injury that immobilises you is there is no training period for using your new temporary mobility aids.

Never did I need this more than on Thursday of last week when I was given the go-ahead to commence being more mobile and take up residence on the couch, but with the aid of crutches. I had just finished dinner and organising my nephews and my kids to wash the dishes in the kitchen as our dishwasher has given up the ghost; when all of a sudden my crutches slipped on the tiles causing me to plant my right foot (injured one) on the ground to prevent the fall. As I struggled to keep myself upright, I relived the whole rupturing experience again, next thing I know, Im on the floor writhing in pain.

Fortunately, my wonderful sister Naomi (who is a nurse) was visiting, and went straight into triage mode and helped me by keeping me calm and then providing me with some pain relief and getting me back to bed.

Prognosis. I visited my surgeon on Friday – Mr William Edwards ( who is fantastic, and managed to squeeze me into a late notice appointment, ordering me then to get an ultrasound to assess and prepare me for the new way forward.

Whilst this is a huge setback for my recovery, Im now clambering around to find other people who’ve had the same experience so that I can glean from their experience in the hope that I can resume a relatively normal and active life post achilles surgery. Ive even joined an achilles tendon recovery blog ( that has other people with similar experiences. I need all the positive thinking techniques I can get as I am a bit worried about how it will turn out. So please send me all your positive energy thoughts and prayers! Much appreciated! Thanks for reading.