So tomorrow, its been exactly 4 months since I ruptured my achilles and Im happy to say that Im nearly there. In saying that, i still have limited movement in my right foot and Im still wearing heal lifts and I cant go longer than an hour of activity without icing but nonetheless, I am on the mend.
It has been a long and arduous injury. I keep saying to people, if you wanted to inflict an injury on someone you didnt like, you would consider an achilles injury, but you would think up something else as this injury is one of the cruelest of them all. Even my wife says, its the only time she wishes I had just broken my leg which would have been healed in 6-8 weeks.
As it is now, I have not been able to drive til a few days ago and I havent been able to just get around and do the things that I normally do. As you may know, we live on a farm and there are always things to do, and lying around on the couch or in bed watching the pool go green, or seeing trees that have fallen down and need cutting up and fencing that needs doing, it has been one of the most frustrating things of my life.
With all that’s happened and my venting, I have to say that this injury has been a bit of an eye opener, as Ive said in earlier posts, I have learned to appreciate things more and even slow down my thinking a bit. In doing so, I have been less annoyed by the kids and more patient, Ive been able to sit back and watch what’s happening before just jumping in and reacting to minor scuffles. Im not perfect but this past 4 months has helped.
So 2017, what will this year bring. Im not really about New Years resolutions, I am goal driven, but I dont like to use the NYE line in the sand to direct where Im going or what Im going to do, as these generally last a few weeks. Of course Ive got some fitness goals. Im not getting any younger. I have to be careful of the middle age spread! I am going to give gluten a wide berth this year and see how that goes (I started in 2016 – for the record) Every year I do set out to read more. I know that when I read, I always love it and love sharing what I read to people who dont… There’s a blog article a week there!
Anyway, I wish all of you a very happy and fulfilling 2017 and hope that you can set some short, medium and long term goals that help you as a person. Dont worry if you feel you’re not achieving them or if things are going slower than anticipated, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and push on!

In 1982, at the age of 7, I was given a rubik’s cube for a present. I think I might have seen the first Rubik’s cube world championship on TV earlier that same year, sparking my interest in it. But with no real knowledge on how to solve it, I think, like many other kids at the same time (or not), took the easier route by removing the stickers and placing them in the right location instead of actually solving the cube or working it out. Unfortunately the stickers were not very adhesive after being removed, and thus the Rubik’s cube was relegated to bottom of my toy box where all the other dysfunctional toys awaited their final trip to a landfill.
Now let me Introduce my friend Matt, whom I met many years later (1998), and who, lets say is a bit of a gadget’s man, and when moving into a share house we had in Geelong had a Rubik’s cube. I cant remember if Matt had ever solved the cube at that stage, but I do remember us spending time trying to solve it. Ive only just learnt that there was a book called ‘You can do the cube’ by Patrick Bossert, that could have helped us all those years ago, but that is the past.
So here we are now nearly 20 years later and another generation of kids born and again a Rubik’s cube has arrived in someone’s stocking last year and the circle completes itself. But this time we are armed with the internet. Mr Rubik and many other people have created websites devoted to helping people solve the cube by simply following a series of algorithms to solve the puzzle, as easy as that! Now, like everything else, its about learning the method of solving it and then practicing until you can beat the current world record holder who solved the Rubik’s cube in an amazing time of 5.25 seconds… Here is a little youtube clip you might like…
But as for me, all I wanted to do was solve it, and that’s just what I did… Unfortunately I’d lost my stopwatch, but who’s counting! 🙂