A few months ago when I had the thought of this part of the blog it was quite vivid in my mind of exactly what I wanted to put into it and what would be the main content of my blog in the other sections.

After the knee jerk installation of the peanut gallery, immediately forgot what it was to be about and so left it for a time when it would come back to me.

I now remember what I was thinking and will just give you my random thoughts about the daily issues and current affairs that are about in our society today and ongoing. Be careful, I have an opinion and I’m not afraid to use it!

Please note there maybe things that you dont/wont agree with but hey that’s why we are all different and makes the world an interesting place…

The current economic crisisOctober 2008

I guess I could say, I saw it coming but… even if I had a qualification in economics and my hand on all information that is fed through the US federal treasuring and access to the vast amount of information of the financial status of every institution around, I still could not have pin pointed a time when this was to happen. But in assessing my own financial situation, I simply spend what I can afford to spend. If I cant afford to eat out every night of the week and have the best/most luxurious car on the road I wont have it unless I budget, save and then buy it. It is not too difficult and it is something that even the big end of the town may not understand, but when you go into debt for things that are not assets and continue to do so, you will end up in trouble, the debt has to end somewhere!

I think people have been caught up in the ‘he who has the most wins’ mentality where you are nothing unless you have… What happened to the day (sounding like a real old person) when we had to earn what we wanted, not just rock up the nearest lending institution and say ‘I want a credit card’ or is that 10 years interest free? We need to take a good look at ourselves and our situation and say ‘I am ok if I dont have that new tv or that dining table that was 50% off, or those shoes that I just ‘had’ to have (after all you only have two feet). It is ok not to have or to wait, no one is going to think differently of you and then if things do turn to bad, then you can say, well I have zero credit card debt, I have a mortgage that could get a bit tough, but at least if I can push through this tough patch I will still have my house. No one is going to be giving you any money for that TV or those shoes or the exercise machine when you have to sell them to make a mortgage repayment.

I just hope this credit crisis causes some people to get back to basics and helps them to get out of the ‘rat’ race and find what is really important to them.

Current political climate in Australia

Now I know that there are two things you shouldn’t talk about with friends, politics and religion.

Well whilst I wont go in to the ins and outs of Australian politics, I do want to say how extremely embarrassed I am to be an Australian. I look back at the times (in my era at least) of Menzies, Fraser, Hawke, Keating and yes even Howard, these Prime Ministers really had some vision about Australia and where it should be headed and did their best to get us there. It wasnt always a popularity contest.  Since Howard, we’ve had Rudd, Gillard, and now Abbott who have had no vision and no fortitude to stand up and do the right thing for Australia and make some decisions that will benefit us in the years and decades to come. All we see is, popular opinion ruling the day to day events and no investment into the future of Australia.

I always think that Australia is just 50 years off becoming the Africa of the 21st century, all our resources will be gone and it will be up to us to defend what’s left. We’ve almost missed the boat (pardon the pun) on the solar and renewable energy market, where we could have been the world leaders, but now all the investment and smart people who have had great ideas have gone offshore to have other countries develop the renewable energy market to sell it back to us!

Wake up Australian politicians, stop thinking about the next election and do what is right!

Is this really a choice? September 2016

Am I the only one on the other side of the world glad that they wont have to choose who is to govern the United States of America? Unfortunately due to the America being such a close alias to Australia, we can be severely affected by what happens in America. The old saying if America sneezes, Australia gets a cold or something to that affect… I look at the two options available to the US citizens and think you poor guys, how can you choose? Are Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump the absolute best two people to choose from to lead the ‘free world’ (or whatever that means) Really?  The world is in a bad place, we are all in trouble 🙁