The Farm Shed

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Its been a while since I’ve blogged and in that time a few changes have occurred. Ive moved out of our suburban house, become the owner of a (hobby) farm on 11 acres and am now the father of 3 children. Never a dull moment. You may also notice that I have (with the help of L) revamped my old blog platform… I hope you like it.

Now that im back up and running, I am looking forward to letting you know of all my exploits on the farm and in my farm shed. The list that I blogged about years ago now for our house in suburbia has now grown dramatically as maintaining a farm is somewhat different and has its own challenges.

I now have so much more room to play in and I now have a larger shed to get up and running too. Its in need of a bit of work now but Im sure with a few thousand hours of love and attention I should be able to bring it around.