My new shed – part 4

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Well now that you’ve had a few days to look at the previous photos, I will give you a bit more eye candy. But before I do, I do want to acknowledge the person who was responsible for organising the labour and materials to turn my vision into a reality, so a big thank you Mick (and Katrina) from Mitty & Price Builders who has not only worked on our house and the renovation but has become our good friends at the same time.

So now for some photos and details, so basically without drawing the whole thing up, I wanted to have a window a door and a skillion roof and have the shed clad in the same material as the house so that it could provide some consistency in the back yard. So Mick took my specifications and put it into action…

I’m sure you’re still noticing the new piles of dirt forming in the backyard again.


How exciting it was to see it finally taking shape.

The next part was the cladding. This cladding isn’t the weatherboard cladding that you see on the old houses made from timber. This is cement sheet in the form of cladding and has very good thermal properties but also lasts a lot longer than timber weather boards where this does not need the same treatment as its timber counterpart.



Ok now there was going to be a bit of a wait for the window which also was to be a match with the windows of the house and of course the roofing needed to be done. I think from one of the photos above I have already started moving in… Now where to put the bed…?

Now I’ll have to find some more photos showing the next stages.

My new shed – part 3

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Ok, now we’re all ready to pour the slab… then it was wait a week or two, allow the plastic to fill with water and then we’d be into it. Yes Melbourne did have some rain and we did have to let some of the water go!

It then became concreting time, hmm how do we get concrete around to the other side of the house, without backing a truck around, without wheelbarrowing 13 cubic metres of concrete around using food vouchers for uni students. No it was using a concrete pump and a heap of pipe. Unfortunately, I was too excited to see all the concrete going everywhere that I forgot to take a photo. All this gushing about concrete I feel like Im turning into a Grollo (the best concrete pourers in the world) developers, builders etc etc. ha ha no this is not a plug… email me and I will tell you where to send the cheques.

Ok the finished product… oh and yes I didnt waste anytime organising a brick layer and the delivery of a stack of bricks from Paddy’s a name synonomous for used reds in Melbourne.


So thanks also goes to my little brother Phil for his handy work during the day to transport 3500 bricks from the front of the house to the shed… And if you’re after a good labourer just let me know and I will forward on his details.

The bricklayer that we used was a very fussy guy, but I like fussy! He spoke to Phil and told him exactly how he wanted the bricks stacked and then proceeded to build one of the straightest walls made out of old reds I have ever seen. Very careful and meticulous. It took a little bit longer than your normal brickie, but I wouldn’t hesitate using him again. See for yourself:


Keep the bricks coming Phil!!! No time to rest!

Only 1 thousand to go Phil, no your arms wont drop off! Keep going!

Ok I can see you’re getting tired looking at a brick wall going up, so I will spare you the other 2500 photos I have of each brick being laid…

The finished product – oh it is a beautiful thing!

Stay tune for part 4!

Ok I think I have cured my writers block and I am back again, albeit the same day or the next…

When we did the original plans for the house with the Architect, I had asked that a shed be included, I didn’t really go into it much, but throughout the course of the design process an outline was done which made it on the plans, which showed the shed being in roughly the location that I wanted it still not disturbing the precious lemon tree. It became evident during the design process and subject to costs that the shed would have to wait, but somehow it made it on to the Building permit application and was approved.

The approved plans weren’t exactly how I wanted it and so with a few ‘minor’ changes I started to sketch up a plan of what I really wanted and what would give me the biggest shed that I could have on our 480sqm suburban block – minus the house, minus the lemon tree, minus the front and back yards leaving not much space at all. Hmm what could I do… hey maybe put a cellar in and have a two storey shed… oh that got the brain matter going… but unfortunately with the landscaping and fencing and mortgage that would be a pipe dream. So with my trusty A3 drawing board, pencil and scale ruler I set out designing my shed. I planned on putting a toilet in the shed so that this could be a self contained room with its own water etc. So I included this in the plans and we’ll see what happens.

After I completed the plans of the slab and the layout of the shed, I got in my trusty little excavator and dug the footings for the shed, on the advise that I could get a concreter pretty quickly. Four weeks later, after some consolidation of the edge beams and the collapse of the fill area. I had to accept that it would cost more to reform the edge beams and fill areas than it would concrete, so lets just say my shed slab is not going anywhere!

Check out the photos – the first one shows what happens when the excavation is left open for a while… It looks pretty messy and like another pile of dirt really!
Now here’s what a couple of good Concreters can manufacture within a few hows!

You can also see some orange conduit which will carry the power to the shed, buried at the right depth of 500mm below finished ground. I placed the uprights of the conduit in the formwork so that the cabling can be pulled through the conduit when the slab was poured. We’re getting closer!

Well I have received a number of emails and texts and other forms of correspondence about my shed and people wondering if I have fallen off the face of the earth along with my shed. But what you dont know is that I have been busily at work finishing off a few things and wanting to have a complete series of photos that I could share with you to take you through my ‘Journey’… a word that is used far too often on reality TV shows… where I have grown so much and made the best friends I have ever met in 2 weeks… oh pewk!

As you know we have recently gone through the whole renovation process and with some success I might add. The only thing is, subject to our limited finances we had to put the landscaping and shed on the backburner while we took stock and saved a bit to allow for us to continue. I keep saying it, it is amazing that our back yard and front yard for that matter has gone from pile of dirt to being level, pile of dirt to being level, it just never seemed to end. For such a small block of land 480 sqm, we have taken out now 36 x 6 cubic metre skips… can you believe it! Not to mention the number that the Builder took our when he came in to do the demolition and renovate our house.



The above photos show just one of the piles of dirt that had to be taken away which consisted of topsoil, old bits from the old shed, concrete etc. etc But this is to be the site of the new shed, with the plan being to remove the fences and have a brick wall on the both corner boundaries.