I am not one to hoard a lot of ‘things’, in fact I am very conscious of having too much stuff lying around the place and I really hate clutter. However, when it comes to paper work and in particular my Uni stuff… all that hard work that I put in over 4 years, I find it extremely difficult to throw away.

So when we moved back into our newly renovated house (yes, I will get around to showing you), we had a stack of boxes marked ‘O’s Uni stuff, or technical books etc. (I was such a good student!) of which made it into our designated study and that’s where they have stopped, but tonight I started the big throw away and little by little I will consolidate what I think is useful to what is not.

Time elapse…

This has been a very time consuming task and one I have done with great angst, will I use this again? will I at some point, even though I haven’t used it in years need to refer to it one day, these questions keep popping up.

In doing this I have now reduced my original 12 boxes down to a tidy group of folders, a few text books and an interesting refresh of knowledge of the building and construction industry. To answer the question, do I need it again? well Im sure having the resource there is a good back up plan, but most times I need to know something, I do have a library down the road, of which I am not yet a member and there is of course… Google!

Hi there,

It has now nearly been 3 and a bit months since my last blog entry, in that time the work life balance and a number of other things have taken priority to writing blog entries.

As you may well know we now have a beautiful little girl who is just over 5 months old and so life has taken a whole new twist (for the better). Isnt it just amazing how these little ones consume our lives and make you think ‘whatever did I do with out them’ or ‘where have they been all my life’. I am a firm believer that we have children at just the right time and when we are meant to have them. Some people will disagree with me profusely.

We are slowly but surely doing the rounds with our new little person in toe, catching up with friends and family and blending in to the whole parenting thing very nicely. I think in my friendship group I am one of the late bloomers when it comes to children, but I am glad that I have been able to do the things I have done prior to having a child/ren, ie. go to uni (mature age), travel (a little), work, and generally find out a little more about myself without having to put that on hold whilst raising a child. I know it doesn’t work that way for everyone, but I am very lucky to have had the extra time.

Just for the record I have been starting blog entries, but then getting to a point where I think they need a bit of work and then stopping. I have in my ‘drafts’ section 10 unpublished blogs that I will get to in the next week or so.

Another reason for my absence is that I am now SHEDLESS!! I know!! Yes, the old shed is gone and so some of my inspiration. I do have a blog entry coming about when my shed was demolished, which will include a video clip (when I can work out how to load it into this format) So as you can probably appreciate, I feel a bit lost, wandering in the desert in search of a new shed, a place that I can call my own.

I am reading a book at the moment called ‘Manhood’ by Steve Biddulph, which is a really good read about being a man and working out who we are in certain aspects of life. Here is a little excerpt that further condones the reason for a shed and why it is important:

“It’s important for anyone’s sense of self that they have a space to be in that is their own. Many men have no space of their own in the house – clearly from the decor and furnishings, the bedroom is usually the woman’s space. (The shed is a good start, but is still more of a retreat, not really part of the house). Along with having a room of one’s own goes time on one’s own. Setting aside time each day to be yourself and do your thinking means you have a more equal footing in the household and less need to retreat to the office or the pub.

(Insert by Robert Bly’s Iron John)… There is a need for a place. Men feel a loss of home. The male spirit or sould doesn’t fee that it has a home. The man goes to work and deals with that set of responsibilities and difficulties. Then he goes home and deals with that set of responsibilities and difficulties. He doesn’t have a sense of home – as in a dwelling place – where he gets to dwell within himself”.

This can work both ways too, we all need a place to get away from our daily lives and either sit pottering and doing something meaningless, listening to music, sewing, or hammering a nail into a piece of timber, but we do all need a place like this. I for one need this space!
I have been doing things around the house too, but ever so slowly, which will ramp up when the weather starts being a little kinder and I will let you know what i’m doing.

First thing is first… the new shed will be under construction in approximately 3 weeks… watch this space.

Have a wonderful day!