Hi there, you may have assumed from my silence, that I must be busy doing something… Well lets just say that approximately 8 and a bit months, or should I say about 36.5 weeks ago I was… Yes if you are really good at maths and the biological calendar of a pregnant woman you may have already guessed. That’s right L and I are now 3, well not yet, but in a couple of weeks we will be!

So my knowledge of the female anatomy, birthing methods, cycles, trimesters, breathing techniques, relaxation, massage and the creation of a child has dramatically increased in recent months and is the number 1 topic of conversation.

It is just truly amazing sitting in a house of almost complete silence, knowing that in a few short weeks there is going to be another one of us, that may not be so quiet and a little person that is going to totally change our lives. Scared but excited by this fact, we wait… and we breathe, and we wait… Hmmm… how do I use these last couple of weeks of doing whatever it is that I have been doing for the passed 33 years to absorb my last dying moments of not being a father…?

I am so looking forward to our little arrival, and by the looks of L’s tummy, it looks like the little one is packing her bags and giving the place down there a little spring clean before she commences the ride of life. 

I dont mind telling everyone, we are expecting a little girl, actually its not expecting, it actually will be a girl. I always knew I would have or be the father of a girl first and so the old bravado of having the firstborn as a son, never really registered with me, as I think it was preordained.  So, what I’ve been thinking over the past eight months is, what can I build for her in my shed. The things I have come up with are as follows: doll house, table and chairs, cubby house, a swing, shelves for her toys, steps so she can get to the sink etc. I’m almost sure that the shed will soon fill up with things that have ‘broke’ and have been sent to Daddy to fix… wow!

Obviously, this has put a little bit of a restriction on the activities in the shed, I mean the shed now wont be able to get dirty, and I will need to buy some form of dust extractor just in case my little visitor wants to come and spend some time away from Mum.

I’m sure there are some people out there saying it will be completely different, but let me just have this little time to think how our little daughter will enjoy helping her dad in HIS shed.