Hi there, I just thought to give you all an update of where we are now with our renovation. It’ll be more photographic than written this time.

We’re now at the beginning of week number 12 and things are going well. The only hold up at the moment is the delivery of the timber doors which will give us lock up.

Mick is doing great! about 4 weeks ahead of programme, but there’s still a long way to go.


our old-new house.jpg

week 11.1.jpg

Renovating is a fantastic experience if you’re prepared to put in some hard work in the beginning and get what you want down on paper and into the hands of a good builder.

Before you sign that contract be sure to do some background work (often called due diligence) on your builder. Ask to see some of their previous work, ask if its possible to have a chat to some previous clients. Look to develop your relationship, because he/she will be in your life for the next 4-12 months, so you might want to get along with them.

My shed smells like…

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Today I went into Timotei’s shed to drop off something I need to store in his while our house is being renovated, and also, because my poor old shed is choca-block full of stuff and is nearly busting at the seams. When I got into his shed, it dawned on me the different smell of his shed compared to mine and how many different scents that can be smelt in a shed.

I’m guessing that the smell of a shed will be highly dependable to the age of the shed and what the shed is predominately used for. For example today in Timotei’s shed which is a metal shed with a steel frame the smells relate directly to the mower and dust. Given that it is a metal shed I think it might be less likely to have any real ingrained smells than a timber shed perhaps? What do you think?

In my shed, it has definitely seen some action over the years, there are old timber work benches and a shadow board that displayed all of the tools that you could imagine, none of them electric. But in my shed there are distinctive smells of sawdust, lawn clippings, turpentine, and a bit of petrol to boot, all combined give it a strange sort of aroma that makes me remember back to another time in my life.

What does your shed smell like?, let me know, I’m sure there could be a market for shed smelling deodorizer…

Something really cool happened yesterday when I was sitting in my car, which is kind of my temporary office at the moment. I saw a woman walking around with what looked to be a GPS unit, however I couldn’t be sure, she walked around in circles and then looked under trees, then walked up an embankment and had a bit more of a look around and then back to the trees…

With the enquiring mind that I have I continued on with what I was doing, but kept having a bit of look at what she was doing every now and then. She finally seemed to find what she was looking for, got something out of her purse and placed it into a container, and then placed the container back where it was. Well, all sorts of things crossed my mind about what this could be, as my imagination was running wild. Could this be a secret rendezvous point for a drug cartel? Could this be someone forgetting to leave the house key and needing to leave it somewhere? My mind was taking me on all sorts of tangents…

Finally, I waited just about the right amount of time for her to have left the area, when my curiosity got the better of me and I JUST HAD TO SEE WHAT IT WAS!! Adrenaline pumping, I got out of the car and walked over to the spot and then found what it was.

It was a little container that contained the following items:

  • A little notepad
  • Various types of coins (AUD 1cent, US dime, US quarter, US Nickel, NZD 5cent and a few others)
  • A little toy soldier
  • Another little toy thingy
  • A card saying what it is
  • A few other little cards with a code on it

I then took it back to the car and then had a look through what it all meant, obviously very excited by my little find. I took some notes about it and then put the container back where I’d found it.

So, what I had stumbled on, was a world wide orienteering game for GPS enthusiasts, commonly known as Geocaching. It’s where someone places a box, bucket, container or something that can be found by another person by GPS coordinates. The location of the item is then put on the website and people in their travels can find it and leave a little note, and swap one of the items in the container. So cool! (in a sort of nerdy way, that I love). I had a look on the website and there are literally thousands of these things scattered all around the world in varying degrees of difficulty and terrain.

Above, I have left a link to the geocaching website, you may just want to have a go and see where it takes you.

Enjoy! I’m going out to find another one!