Paint Ball (Skirmish)

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As we move into our 30’s, (some more progressively than others), we are always looking to do something different to celebrate our birthdays, and one of the best things to hope for, I think, is to have a surprise, where a group of friends all get together and plan something really cool for the birthday event.

On Saturday, following weeks of planning by Clarkey, we (Timotei and I) abducted Ads for a trip up the highway to Ballan for an action packed afternoon of paintball (skirmish). Of all of Clarkey’s crazy ideas, I think this one is the best by far, and the great part about it was that Ads had no idea of where he was going until a sign on the tree about 100m before the entrance. What a fantastic day and birthday gift, especially for 3 hot-blooded males such as us, allowing us to run around in the bush with semi-automatic paintball guns shooting at each other.

When we got there, we were immediately teamed up with not 1, but 2 teams of bucks’ parties ready to commence celebrations before one of their mates walks down the matrimonial aisle of life. We split into two groups, received the safety talk, were issued overalls, face mask, ammo belt and our weapon and were escorted to the first battle ground.

The first game started a bit slow with a few people (including me) a little unsure of the strategy and a few other things, but sitting out for the rest of the game after being shot early, ensured that we did things differently in the next battle.

The second game began, we moved forward with stealth and lightning speed, our flanks drawing fire, allowing us to move up the middle and hold position, it was too much for the other team and they succumbed to our vicious onslaught. Just writing about it, has got my adrenaline pumping again. The rest of the afternoon, saw another 4 games and a bruise for every game or should i say battle scar!

The afternoon of paintball was a great idea, so if you want to head somewhere with a group of mates and run around the bush, get dirty and shoot some stuff then this is the place to go. The place we went to was very professional and the facilitators did a good job of controlling the testosterone of 30 males. If you ever are stumped for bucks night/day event, then the answer is paintball.

My wife today came across an article that once again enhances a mans true place in the shed. This entry is rather amusing and touches surprisingly on a rather larger than life character of Amanda Vanstone, and where she fits within this man’s shed. It is a good read and reinforces the need for a man to have a shed calling ‘quality shed time’ ‘beneficial in terms of (a man’s) health and well-being’.

I hope you enjoy: Secret Shed Business

I dont mind telling you, I am a HUGE fan of the Aussie bbq, and nothing is better on a Saturday or Sunday morning than taking the trip down to Bunnings to begin that weekend project, or, grab a cheap sausage in bread loaded with onions and sauce! I know I could be saying heaps about the amazing store that is Bunnings and I will in future blogs, but I thought this time I would express my sincere gratitude to the hard working volunteers who brave the wintery mornings to participate and provide a sausage sizzle to raise money for the Scouts, Girl Guides or various other charities.

Bunnings is a funny place, because unless you take a shopping list you can go there in one mind and walk out of the place with something completely different, and if you want to know the truth, I have gone there, looking for one thing, then walked away with nothing from the internal cash registers, but returned to the car licking my fingers of mustard and bbq sauce, having put away a delicious sausage in bread. It is criminal I know, but I have to confess that Ads and I, a few weeks ago even went back for seconds and even thirds of the hardware cuisine.

I know it probably will never get its own website like superparma, or may never make the best food guide in the Age, but I reckon the sausage sizzle out the front of Bunnings will always rate highly amongst the bbq lovers and the unsuspecting digestive juices of the Bunnings shoppers.

Richo’s shed

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When I first commenced this blog, I predominately wanted to talk about sheds in all their glory, and discuss the importance of this little oasis, or home away from home, that most of us men aspire to have, or have, and cling to with dear life.

The other night, following a great game of poker at the Knox Tavern, Richo, MJB and I retired back to Richo’s shed and to have our own little party and to also prematurely celebrate Richo’s 30th birthday. Wow! did I get a surprise, when we were mustered out to the back of Richo’s house into a brick shed. It seems that Richo has been holding out on me and not mentioned anything about his shed, or had been a bit coy in expressing how good his shed actually is.

I took a couple of photos with my camera phone, but it didnt do it any justice, so I had Richo take a few photos of which I’ll attached to this entry.

Now just to give you a bit of history and perspective, Richo, has been married for quite a few years and has two beautiful children. So Richo knows only too well the need to have a place to go and chill out, and to be able to wind down for the day. This place of solitude that Richo has created has no doubt evolved over time to be in the condition it is today, and Im almost certain it would have been the big draw card for the house selection, as you will see from the photos.

Richos shed2.jpg
In Richo’s shed amidst all the clutter (which all good sheds have) is a motorbike restoration project, a dart board, an old retro fridge, surround sound stereo system with MP3 track selection, television and shelving units that house every little thing that i’m sure has been used from time to time to fix all the things that have needed fixing around the house. What impressed me most about Richo’s shed was the amount of things that the shed had, that have been all stacked away and in its place. Adjoining the shed was another room that was the clear division between Richo’s space and the storage room, which unfortunately infects every shed to a varying degree.Richos shed4.jpg
Having seen and spent a few hours in his shed, listening to music, playing a bit of poker and sharing a few glasses of wine over some good conversation, is what having a shed is all about. Thanks for sharing your shed with us Richo. I look forward to the next poker game.Happy 30th Birthday Richo!